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Smart Home Technology Top Trends in 2016 provides mechanisms of linear motion technology. They produce motion linearly; in a straight line. Linear actuators range from light duty to heavy duty. The heavy duty actuators are mainly used for commercial purposes while light duty actuators are for domestic purposes. There are several


5 Indicators of Processes that Need to be Automated

Everest group survey of 350 CFO’s from US and Canada shows that robotic process automation key benefit is increased business productivity, 80% of companies said that RPA delivers huge time savings and cuts operational cost. If You take those numbers in mind it becomes  obvious


4 Smart Devices that Nobody Would Know You are Wearing

Each year brings more and better wearable smart devices, and while some are designed to make it obvious you’re wearing the latest technology, others let you wear them under the radar. Not everyone is into obviously wearing smart devices. With hidden and disguised smart devices, you


3 Tips on Finding the Right Security Company

One of the best times in a person’s life is purchasing a home. Although this purchase can be a great experience, it is not without its fair amount of responsibility.  Once the right home is purchased, you will have to make sure you do all


Two New Windows 10 Smartphones Coming This Year

Windows Phone has always been trailing behind its competitors (I don’t even know if I should use this word) ever since its release in 2010. No wonder – by the time it was launched, both Apple and Google have gained considerable traction with their own