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Two New Windows 10 Smartphones Coming This Year

Windows Phone has always been trailing behind its competitors (I don’t even know if I should use this word) ever since its release in 2010. No wonder – by the time it was launched, both Apple and Google have gained considerable traction with their own


The Dangers of Trying to Perform Your Own Edmonton IT Work

For most small business owners, having a computer network for their employees to use is a vital part of the way that they operate. Just like any other manmade object, eventually a computer network will have problems that will have to be fixed for business


Innovative Technologies Driving Future Innovation

There’s a reason why the STEM fields are getting all the press when it comes to future arenas of study. It’s because technology is driving the evolution in human life, and it’s only going to become more so as time goes on. Technology has marked


Which Mobile Phone Display Technology is Best?

It wasn’t too long ago that mobile phone displays were pretty straightforward, monochromatic LCD or segmented LED affairs. They were, by nature, quite boring, but sufficed for the demands of users whose mobile phones were first and foremost telephones, rather than the all-purpose recreational and


SSD vs. HDD Drives – Comparison

A hard disk drive stores digital information permanently for retrieval. They have many platters where they write data in a magnetic head. An air-sealed case covers these platters. The data storage device processes information in a random manner. The plates rotate rapidly with the help