Most Awaited and Top Gadgets of 2013

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The gadgets market is so volatile and every new day brings some good news for the tech lovers. If you look back and recall the year 2012, you can easily call it a year of gadgets. 3 perfect 7 inch tablet, Apple iPad, iPhone, Microsoft remarkable innovations and many more outstanding gadgets have gotten the attention of tech fanatics. This year is also jam-packed with startling gadgets and this trend will be continued in 2014 as well and the devices will be accessible to the techies with prices that caters all needs and demands. This article will reveal highly awaited gadgets of the year 2013.

Xbox 720

The launch of Nintendo Wii U has stir the game lovers with its mind-lowing specifications and Microsoft have revealed the release of their Xbox next generation and named it as Xbox loop or Xbox 720 in September 2013. It will have an 8 GB RAM and has a quad-core CPU that will definitely fascinate the game lovers. It has a standard Blu-ray media, Xbox Live interface, kinect technology upgrade with new and latest graphic hardware. One thing that is highly expected from Xbox 720 is that it has some beefy specifications and an interface that will be definitely near to the Pixer-quality graphics.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Last year Samsung Galaxy S3 was announced as the best selling gadget in the major gadget market and made a significant sale than the iPhone 4G. In 2013, Samsung has announced the release of Galaxy S4 in March or April with many advanced features. The so-far released specifications of this Smartphone includes a 5 inch screen, AMOLED 1080p display, 13 MP camera, S en, 2GHz quad-core processor, Android 5 and many more multimedia features.

Google Project Glass

Google is always steps ahead and has bought the technology closer to the reality. This mission  was introduced on 2012 April and will be launched in late 2013 hopefully. It is like the radar glasses in the Star Trek or Dragon Ball series. Vuzix ad Google works together on this project to bring it to real life. It will be a multi-function device and can be utilized as a cell phone and can be connected to the phone as well. It projects emails, text messages, maps, videos, images to the wearer’s eye.

Apple iPad 5

Apple introduces new products so often just to solidify or freeze their reign. This year they are bringing a revolution to the iPad series.  Apple is all set to introduce a new iPad model named as iPad 5 in March. This latest model is rumored to be lighter and thinner and will be introduced with higher resolution display, less power and other advance features.

Apart from the above mentioned names some other most awaited gadgets of the year are Amazon phone, Microsoft Tablet pro, Blackberry 10, PlayStation 4 and much more.

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