How to become Google Daydream VR developer

When we hear the word Daydream Virtual Reality what reflect our mind? Daydream is a Virtual Reality platform developed by Google for android nougat, the seventh major version for the android mobile operating system. If you wish on how to became google daydream developer, you

Smart Home Technology Top Trends in 2016 provides mechanisms of linear motion technology. They produce motion linearly; in a straight line. Linear actuators range from light duty to heavy duty. The heavy duty actuators are mainly used for commercial purposes while light duty actuators are for domestic purposes. There are several

Important Aspects Regarding Microsoft .NET Core 1.0

Microsoft was working extensively on its open source project: .NET Core and it was released officially recently. It is a trimmed variant of .NET Framework and can be used for creation of mobile, desktop and web applications. It can be used on Linux, OS X

Ruby On Rails: Why Choose It?

When it comes to choosing a programming language for website or application development, more often than not, clients prefer to the mainstream programming languages. However, there is no argument over the fact that Ruby on Rails has a myriad of benefits to offer which may