Amazing Home Automation Companies You Need To Know

Once seen as an illusion, smart home has indeed become a reality. The above can largely be attributed to the many groundbreaking innovations being witnessed in the home automation industry. Currently, people have the ability to remotely control their home’s temperature, reinforce their door locks

Are Virtual Classrooms Changing the Way We Study?

Learning is fundamental to being human. It’s thanks to our ability to learn that we’ve become the dominant form of life on earth. We observe, learn and apply knowledge over and over again, advancing ourselves. The nature of learning itself has not however stayed the

Logo Design Trends to Watch for in 2017

One of my college professors used to say that there are only two car designs: boxy and curvy. When people get tired of boxy cars, they make curvy ones. When we get bored again, they swap back. Fashions in logo design are much the same

Apps That Will Turn Your Phone into a Remote Control for Your Home

With technology taking over the world, linear actuators have now infiltrated various home functions. This linear actuators blog post describes various home automation controlled through phone applications. The home automation industry has been greatly transformed to bring more convenience, comfort, and protection as a whole.