Positive and Negative Effects/Impacts of Technology on Society

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Society develops quickly and its progress can be separated from technology nowadays. Whether the impact technology has on people, though, depends large on how use it.

On the one hand we all depend on technology for our daily job and needs. We wake up in the morning by the alarm on our mobiles, communicate through those devices and work on computers or even chat and have fun with them. Youngsters can’t even imagine life without all these valuable technological advances.  And indeed technology has benefited our lives greatly.

Positive Effects of Technology

First of all, people could travel anywhere by the oh-so-fast-developing airplane industry. Luckily, plane tickets and fares become lower, though not as low as people wish, due to the various companies competing with each other. Roads are of higher quality, marine transport is faster, and even space travel is speedily developing.

Secondly, a true advantage springs from the fact that technology enables communication among people, which, in turn, is the basis for the progress and development of every society; besides different media voice the concerns people have about various problems ranging from poor health systems, lack of investments or low salaries to poor education and high crime rates. Moreover, Internet is probably the biggest advantage of all as people could receive not only valuable information but could also work as freelancer or share their experience in every sphere of human activity.

Furthermore, technology has improved education, which, in turn, develops the economy of each and every country. Online classes have become more popular not only because they save students’ time but also due to the fact that a person can have several degrees on the go at any one time.

Negative Effects of Technology

On the other hand, there are several negative sides to technological advances. Technological demands exhausts the earth’s resources; for example, we have ended up cutting larger areas of forests so that to produce a greater variety of paper goods, we use up the water resources in a unwise way without thinking about the consequences; soil is depleted through new technologies and intensive farming.

Furthermore, technology has somehow increased our life span – this is, of course, a huge benefit, but if we think in environmental turns, there are a lot more people on the planet, who torture the mother earth – this not only a disadvantage but a real crime towards nature and the world as a whole.


So finally, although there are some really serious disadvantages of technology, which we should try to change, the truth is that the technological advancements have brought people health, much more money and various means of transport. So as a whole, technology has benefited the world on a wider scale.

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