Top 3 Link Building Strategies for 2013

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO world is very much volatile and things keep on changing with every passing minute. You have to think out of the box when crafting your link building strategies for the year 2013. Before Penguin and Panda updates, link builders have the opportunity to utilize the system by submitting or building links in a variety of ways such as directory submission, article marketing, blog commenting and much more.

These tactics were much easier for the link builders because they can create millions of spammy links that are generated automatically through software. However, the latest algorithms of Google have strict rules that is why bloggers and website owners have to define their 2013 link building strategies very wisely.

All the online marketers have to bear in mind that the tactics they will use for link building have changed tremendously and are now more reliable and authentic. Moreover, it is obvious that Google will introduce countless updates in the near future having some sort of impact on the sites. Here are some powerful link building strategies for 2013 that will definitely help you in boosting your online visibility.

1. Social media:

Google has a strong emphasis on the social engagement in the search algorithm and is an ideal way to build links. You can reap benefits from your free social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube LinkedIn, Google+ and many more with an aim to generate consistent, frequent engaging content and posts directed toward the target audience. Make sure that all your social profiles are aptly optimized. For example, by adding links in the Bio and web fields of the Twitter account you can easily optimize your account and it will help in building links.

2. Guest Posting:

Guest posting is another strong strategy for link building this year. The main aim is offering an article to a blog of your niche in exchange of some links. In simple words, it is a kind of PR’s game that helps in building relationship with various webmasters and bloggers. However, remember, your content should be of elite quality. Benefits of guest blogging are infinite however, the main benefits are brand recognition, building relationships, generate quality links etc.

3. Directory submission:

There are innumerable number of directories on the World Wide Web where you can post your niche related articles that are visible across the globe. It is a perfect place to achieve top ranks in the search results for your niche related keywords. Moreover, it is an ideal way to get started in the online world.

Apart from the above mentioned strategies, content creation and press releases are the other ideal options for link building in the year 2013.

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