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Product Review: Movavi Photo Editor

Wouldn’t you like to be able to easily edit your photos and fix common problems such as blurry images or photos that lack definition? Maybe you’d also like to be able to tweak the frame and composition, or want to touch up some of your

Basics of Help Desk Software – and Why You Need It

Customer service has become an essential part of any successful business; it has become a field of study on its own. A happy customer is a loyal one, and by staying in touch with your customers, your company not only learns how the customer feels

Storing Files with these 12 DVD Burning Tools

DVDs and CDs have undoubtedly lost some of their flair in recent years thanks to online streaming services like Playster and Spotify. However, there are still reasons for using these old trusted companions. DVDs are great for storing data files – whether it is your

How to Make Money from Application Software Development

If you are planning on creating your own software application development company, you might want to know how you can make money. Of course, it all seems pretty straight forward, make a product and then sell it. But it’s often times a lot more complicated

Is it Possible to Avoid Debugging?

Every process seems to be powered by tech today, and the majority of people who rely on it do not understand the challenges that the developers of various techs face. One of the biggest problems that software developers have to go through is debugging. Debugging