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How it Works: Cell Phone Locator

What are cell phone locators? Cell phone locators are apps which help in cell phone location tracking by establishing or determining the exact location or position of a cell phone whether stable or moving. This can be done in two ways: Multilateration of the radio

Apps That Will Turn Your Phone into a Remote Control for Your Home

With technology taking over the world, linear actuators have now infiltrated various home functions. This linear actuators blog post describes various home automation controlled through phone applications. The home automation industry has been greatly transformed to bring more convenience, comfort, and protection as a whole.

Important Aspects Regarding Microsoft .NET Core 1.0

Microsoft was working extensively on its open source project: .NET Core and it was released officially recently. It is a trimmed variant of .NET Framework and can be used for creation of mobile, desktop and web applications. It can be used on Linux, OS X