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Why DRM is Unquestionably Essential for Your Documents

From safeguarding merger & acquisition communications to mundane document management, enterprise DRM is a fully-fledged established enterprise technology. So why do we not see more organizations employing it? When an individual downloads a kindle book from Amazon, he pays a certain amount to read it

CRM solution – 6 signs your company needs upgrade it

Modern customer relationship software solutions are designed to leverage customer-centric strategies, increase customer sharing and improve sales and financial KPI’s at the company. However, sometimes the organization may observe low end-user adoption issues, or find that it is hacking its existing CRM software to customize

Pros and Cons of the latest OS Lollipop

People are nowadays always in the quest for latest gadgets and gizmos and their expectations has risen to another level. Now whenever you go for a top-of-the-line galaxy phone you are bound to have expectations of high end technology and latest software updates. Google has