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Is Apple TV the Best Option For You?

Tech giant Apple has earned a good reputation in terms of quality and functionality, leading it to become one of the most sought after brands in consumer technology. Sure, iOS 8 was included in the list of the most notorious tech failures in history, but

How to Choose a Drone

Are you ready to buy a new drone? You may have taken out the time to shop around at local hobby shops and several websites. It’s fair to say that choosing the right drone can be a challenge for any outdoor enthusiast. These small flying

Most Notorious Failures In The History Of Technology

We live in a world powered by advanced technology – but for our technology to have evolved to the extent to which it has today; it was inevitable that a fair few tech projects over the years would also fail dramatically in the process. There

35 Most Interesting Facts About Mobile Phones

Technology has been a huge part of our lives not just for past few years, but for past couple of decades. Entertainment, hobbies, keeping in touch..all this is supported by one or more pieces of technology. But, we have to admit that there is only