Which Mobile Phone Display Technology is Best?

It wasn’t too long ago that mobile phone displays were pretty straightforward, monochromatic LCD or segmented LED affairs. They were, by nature, quite boring, but sufficed for the demands of users whose mobile phones were first and foremost telephones, rather than the all-purpose recreational and

How to Make Screen Capture Videos Look Good

By now you’ve probably seen countless screen capture videos and noticed that some of them look amazing, while others look a lot less so. But what is it that makes some of these videos look good and others not, and more importantly – how can

Understanding and Preventing Hair Loss

Especially in women (who have to contend with some very specific beauty standards), hair loss and thinning can take a serious toll on confidence and self-esteem. Of course, it can be just as troubling for men, though it is more common and societally accepted in

SSD vs. HDD Drives – Comparison

A hard disk drive stores digital information permanently for retrieval. They have many platters where they write data in a magnetic head. An air-sealed case covers these platters. The data storage device processes information in a random manner. The plates rotate rapidly with the help