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Let Tech Bring Your Family Together This Summer

Technology impacts more than just the individual. It impacts the entire family unit by providing you with opportunities for bonding and learning. Technology has changed the way modern families interact with one another, as well it’s improved family bonding by providing more opportunities for group

7 Tips for Buying Servers and Server Parts

A good server can make or break your business. If your files are corrupted by substandard equipment or your site uptime is compromised by too many connections on a shared server, you could lose money, customers, opportunities and more. Here are seven tips for ensuring

What to Expect from the Upcoming 5G Network

As a current user of a 3G mobile plan (with a mobile internet connection that currently satisfies my every need) I feel a little left behind when I hear of the huge speed and other benefits of those using 4G. Imagine my indignation when I

Power in Your Pocket, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Mobile devices and smart phones are status symbols. This is nowhere more apparent than in the manufacturing of a gold plated smartwatch, which shall here go nameless. You can’t take this element out of smart device culture. But to think that this is all there